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VIBE Academy is proud to offer many class options when you are ready to select classes for your student!

VIBE Academy Middle School Courses

Core Courses for 6-8

6th Grade Math
6th Grade Accelerated Math
6th Grade Science
6th Grade Art & Design
6th Grade Digital Music Production
6th Grade English Language Arts
6th Grade World Regions and Cultures
6th Grade PE/Health

7th Grade Math
7th Grade Accelerated Math
7th Grade Science
7th Grade Art & Design
7th Grade Digital Music Production
7th Grade English Language Arts
7th Grade Contemporary Global Cultures
7th Grade PE/Health

8th Grade Pre-Algebra
8th Grade Algebra I
8th Grade Science
8th Grade Science
8th Grade Art & Design
8th Grade Digital Music Production
8th Grade English Language Arts
8th Grade U.S. History and Civic Ideals
8th Grade PE/Health

Elective Courses for 6-8

Middle School Band
Middle School Choir

VIBE Academy High School CoursesĀ 

Core Courses for 9-12

Algebra I
Algebra II
American Government
American History
Art I 2D
Art I 3D
Biology I
Earth & Space Science
English I
English II
English III
English IV
Next Generation Personal Finance
Physical and Health Education
Physical Science
Principals of Algebra and Geometry
Spanish I
Spanish II
World History

Elective Courses for 9-12

Accounting I
Business 101
High School Concert Band
High School Choir