Business & Marketing

Bringing the Future into the Present

Does your child know what assets and liabilities are? What the GDP of the US is? Whether your child is interested in pursuing a college business major or opening their own business, taking business-related courses in middle school and high school helps students learn more about the overall aspects of Business and Marketing.

Through Business and Marketing courses, students will gain necessary practical life skills like budgeting and check writing and will build a strong foundation for working toward higher education. Business and Marketing courses in middle school and high school serve as a stepping stone for students who are interested in taking business related pathways through the Sioux City Career Academy or AP courses in specific business or marketing subjects.

Whether students go on to entrepreneurship, accounting, or another type of business or marketing course, students have the opportunity to learn Business and Marketing basics in middle and high school.

Over the course of their Business and Marketing studies, students will build a sense of accountability, leadership, and teamwork.

The Business standards for grades 6-12 illustrate what your child will learn in middle school and high school. The Business courses focus on key concepts in relationships, responsibilities, and nutrition as outlined in the middle school and high school Business and Marketing learning outcomes below.