The Cradle of All Creations

Have you ever wondered why math holds such an important and unique place among other core subjects? Math is the cradle of all creations and without it, the world cannot move an inch. Whether your student becomes a cook, a farmer, a carpenter, or a mechanic, they will need math in their day-to-day life.

Through mathematical calculations, quantitative reasoning, and analysis, students build the essential skills they need to solve problems in areas such as science, engineering, economics, and much more. Math literacy is crucial for students to live as effective, constructive, concerned, and reflective citizens.

The Math standards for grades 6-12 illustrate what your child will learn by the end of each grade, as directed by the Iowa Core, our statewide academic standards. The Math Iowa Core standards focus on key concepts in numbers, algebra, functions, modeling, geometry, statistics, and probability.

In middle school, there is a greater focus on linear equations, variables, proportional relationships, and positive and negative numbers.

In high school, students take required math courses across a broad spectrum, which weave together six major concepts of math, in order to gain a thorough understanding of math and its value. Students will compare pure math to real-world applications, study functions, and geometry to learn the language of more technical subjects and sciences and draw conclusions from data.