The Title VI Indian Education Program is an academic program designed to address the culturally related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students who attend the Sioux City Community School District. Program objectives are to (1) increase the school attendance rate, (2) increase the graduation rate, and (3) increase academic achievement.

The Title VI Indian Education program provides direct support to the District’s American Indian and Alaska Native students, representing 28 federally recognized tribes. In order to qualify for the Title VI Indian Education Program, parents must complete a “506” form, which requests information about their child’s tribal affiliation. A student must be a descendent in the first or second degree of an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe.

The Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Program is a supplemental education grant for Native American students enrolled in the Sioux City Schools. Students must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe or at least ¼ degree Native American with a Certificate of Indian Blood. Students enrolled in preschool through 12th grade are eligible for these funds. In addition, parents must provide documentation of tribal enrollment or a Certificate of Indian Blood and complete a Johnson O’Malley form.

Title VI ED 506 Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form

JOM Reimbursement Form