School Board

SCCSD Board of Education

Sioux City citizens elect seven members to serve as their representatives on the Board of Education for the Sioux City Community School District. In turn, the Board is responsible for the governance of public education in Sioux City. 

Board members in Iowa are elected to four-year terms. Elections are held every other year on the second Tuesday in November, and new members are sworn in at the annual meeting. At this meeting, the Board elects a Board president and vice president from among its members. Election of Board leadership occurs annually.  

In addition to their responsibilities on the Board, members also serve on a variety of District committees, represent Sioux City Community Schools on a variety of local, state, and national organizations, and maintain cooperative relationships with both national organizations and local governmental bodies. 

Get to Know our Board

The seven members of the Sioux City Community School Board are elected to four-year terms in odd-numbered years. The current President of the Sioux City Community School Board is Jan George and the Vice President is Treyla Lee.

Board members and the District work cooperatively with Woodbury County and the City of Sioux City on various initiatives. The school board and District are also actively engaged with community organizations – such as United Way of Siouxland and the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation – on a wide range of issues.

The Sioux City Community School Board is also an active member of the Urban Education Network, which represents Iowa’s largest school districts that serve more than 40% of the state’s students.

Contact a Board Member

Mr. Jan George photo

Mr. Jan George, Board President

Phone: 712-490-4239

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Term Ends: 2025

Mr. Lance Ehmcke

Phone: 712-251-4437

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Term Ends: 2027

Mr. John Meyers

Phone: 712-274-2659

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Term Ends: 2027

Mr. Earl Miller

Phone: 612-819-9109

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Term Ends: 2027

Ms. Treyla Lee, Board Vice President

Phone: 712-204-1542

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Term Ends: 2027

Mr. Dan Greenwell photo

Mr. Dan Greenwell

Phone: 712-899-7000

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Term Ends: 2025

Mr. Bob Michaelson photo

Mr. Bob Michaelson

Phone: 712-490-6404

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Term Ends: 2025

Additional Contacts

Dr. Rod Earleywine

Dr. Rod Earleywine, Superintendent

Mrs. Seaniece Heilman, Board Secretary

Phone: 712-279-6643

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NOTE: Individuals who write or email the School Board should be aware that their correspondence may be subject to examination and copying by others pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa.