Life Academy

Life Academy Outcomes and Goals

Life Academy is a post-high school program that is needed to complete IEP goals. We focus on adult skills and behaviors. We aim for our students to have a social network of personally meaningful relationships, to be safe and healthy, to have a variety of places to engage in meaningful activities, and to teach functional academics and vocational skills related to work and life.  We refer to our L.I.F.E philosophy as students succeed in adulthood with individualized expectations in the classroom and in the community.

What does LIFE stand for?

L stands for learning
We concentrate on learning skills necessary for your student to be successful in their adult life.

I stands for independence
We work at making your student as independent as they can be. We teach the students skills about responsible adult decisions and expect this from them. Natural consequences are the best achievement tool that we can use.

F stands for fun
We want our students to be socially appropriate and look at activities that they can do after Life Academy. We want to teach them how to be appropriate in a variety of social situations.

E stands for employment
We assess and teach the skills necessary to be successful in the working world. We aim to have experiences that are realistic but also have high expectations.

Can I take classes at WITCC and go to L.I.F.E. Academy?

No, WITCC and Life Academy are two different programs. If you are able to take classes at WITCC, it is expected that the student can take a college-level course independently. Life Academy is not a prep program for college as we are more focused on functional life skills.

We were formerly called the L.I.F.E. Academy in the Sioux City Community Schools.  To help prevent some confusion with other programs and Life Academy services offered at WITCC and within the school district, we changed our name to Life Academy during the 2014-15 school year.

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LIFE Academy Instructor
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